About us

About us

Reyes, Feregrino & Asociados, S.C., is a law firm specializing in legal consulting and advice, founded in early 2001 by widely experienced lawyers. The firm is a competitive option for companies needing full legal assistance provided in a very friendly way, that allows their national and global growth and competitiveness in their relevant fields. We believe that such goals may be achieved through a good advise and strong legal education since the beginning of a business project and during all the day by day operations.

Our Team

Adolfo Reyes

Partner areyes@reyesferegrino.com

Erika Feregrino

Partner erikafere@reyesferegrino.com

Gerardo Bezares

IP Attorney gbezares@reyesferegrino.com

Alejandro Millán

Corporate Lawyer amillan@reyesferegrino.com

Humberto Jardón

Civil and commercial litigation manager hjardon@reyesferegrino.com

Denisse Ventura

Lawyer dventura@reyesferegrino.com

Baltazar Feregrino

Counselor bferegrino@hotmail.com