Erika Feregrino


Erika Feregrino



Founding partner at Reyes, Feregrino & Asociados, S.C., she graduated in 1996 from  Escuela Libre de Derecho and she obtained her Law Degree in 1998 after sustaining her thesis called “The Joint Venture Agreement under the Mexican Law”. She has experience in civil and commercial litigation, and has also focused her practice on Corporate Law, mergers and acquisitions, Intellectual property, Foreign Investments and Personal Data Protection during the last 16 years. She has provided legal advice for global companies in the field of public and private Civil Works tenders. During 2003, she became a foreign associate at the firm Patterson, Belknap, Webb & Tyller, highly recognized as one of the most important Litigation and Corporate firms.

In 1998, she attended the courses “Introduction to U.S. Legal English” and “Orientation in the U.S. Legal System”, offered by the International Law Institute and The George Washington University Law School in Washington, D.C. During 1999, she attended a Corporate Law course at  Universidad Panamericana. In 2005, she finished a MBA in the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México. Ms. Feregrino has been certified as a busines consultant under the DIES method and by Mexico Emprende. She is fluent in English and knows French, and is a member of the Bar Association since 2000.

Languages: Spanish, English, French and German.

Practice areas

Mergers and acquisitions

Reyes, Feregrino & Asociados, S.C. is proud to have completed very important and challenging merger and acquisition processes. We have negotiated and structured all the legal instruments necessary to document acquisition contracts, investments agreements, shareholders’ agreements, shareholders meetings, etcetera.

Our integral services involve tax and accounting services and we work with affiliated professionals that complement and reinforce the quality of our service. We understand the importance of identifying and analyzing the main contingencies of all the persons involved in this kind of transactions.

We advise our clients to take the correct decisions, informing them of the risks and profits related to the operation they wish to carry out, and we make sure to obtain all private and Governmental authorizations that may be needed to obtain the results required.    

Due diligence

Professionals at Reyes, Feregrino & Asociados, S.C. are skilled to review all the legal aspects related to the companies, and to evaluate the level of fulfilment of their legal obligations. In case of detecting any potential conflict, we can provide preventive or corrective solutions, as the case may be. These services are useful not only in a preventive manner, but also when a company is willing to transfer equity interest, shares or assets.

Our Due diligence services consist in a detailed revision of several legal aspects related to the company, such as contracts, status of assets, corporative obligations, etcetera. During this process all information and documents procured by the company are strongly analyzed and compared with information provided by public registries related.

Commercial contracts

At Reyes, Feregrino & Asociados, S.C. we are highly committed with our clients, to assist them in the negotiation and drafting of all kind of commercial contracts and agreements, easing their relations and preventing confusions and misunderstandings with their clients and providers.

Our lawyers are fully skilled for structuring and documenting legal relationships such as:

  • All kind of agreements involving assets (sale, purchase, supply, distribution, consignment selling, etcetera).
  • Contracts to regulate the association with public and private entities (NDA’s, LOI’s,  Joint Venture, inter-shareholders’ engagements, transfer of private equity).
  • All kind of agreements involving the use and protection of Intellectual Property Assets (license and assignment agreements, franchising, technical assistance, coexistence agreements, letters of consent, innovation and technology transfer, etcetera).
  • All kind of agreements regarding e-commerce.

Corporate and Business Law

We have a wide experience in providing legal advice to Mexican and foreign companies in both, long-time business projects and in their daily activities and negotiations, assisting them since the preparation of legal strategies to achieve particular goals until the end of their practical implementation.

For doing that, we analyze the applicable legal framework, draw up all the relevant documentation, coordinate with all the agents involved in the relevant matter, to allow our clients to duly comply with Law and their obligations with third parties. We also take care of legal tasks such as:

  • Incorporation of new companies including preparation and review with the future shareholders of the corresponding By-laws and shareholder’s agreements.
  • Preparation and periodical revision of corporate books.
  • Drafting, call and celebration of annual Shareholders meetings.
  • Evaluation and implementation of Bylaws reforms and amendments.
  • Issuance of Share Certificates and Provisional Share Certificates.
  • All kind of recordings before the National Foreign Investment Registry.
  • All kind of negotiations with public and private entities.

Privacy and Data Protection

The Privacy and Data protection team at Reyes, Feregrino & Asociados provides highly specialized data management services, data security and privacy law advice wherever our clients do business. Our experience and strategic alliances give clients the advantage of having customized advice for each territory their companies cover. 

Our data protection team has successfully worked together in recent years to assist multinational organizations in the design and implementation of privacy and data security programs, including carrying out audit and risk assessments, developing privacy and data protection policies, implementing effective data transfer strategies and other data transfer agreements.