Gerardo Bezares


Gerardo Bezares

IP Attorney


Gerardo obtained his Bachelor’s degree in 2010 from the law school of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and have attended several courses regarding Intellectual Property Protection in Mexico and abroad. He focuses his professional practice on Intellectual Property counseling, prosecution, management, litigation and enforcement in México and other countries since 2006.

Moreover, he has strong knowledge and experience in administrative litigation, and has successfully represented many companies and individuals before the Mexican Administrative Courts.

He has presented several conferences regarding Intellectual Property and Business Law at the Center of Corporate and Financial Innovation managed by the Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico City and the Mexican Entrepreneurs Association, the latter where he is an active and proud member.

Languages: Spanish and English.

Practice areas

Intellectual and Industrial Property

Commercial and technological developments have reaffirmed the economical and legal importance of having a full and correct protection of the ideas and creative processes for the companies.Our Intellectual Property Department provides strongly grounded services in this field, including preventive advice for an adequate protection of new projects, the structuring and drafting of specialized agreements; the prosecution, maintenance and management of all kind of IP assets; the defense and enforcement of IP rights and anti-counterfeit measures.

Clients at Reyes, Feregrino & Asociados, S.C. feel confident to receive the best options and strategies for their protection of intellectual property rights, and we are proud of our results during the last 16 years.

Our affiliate firms around the world, allow us to manage IP rights portfolios all around the world for our clients and other commercial partners looking for helping their respective clients, thanks to our competitive rates and high quality service.

Administrative litigation

Some of the major difficulties faced by foreign and national companies, are the excessive bureaucracy and the bad implementation and interpretation of the applicable laws and regulations by the competent administrative authorities.

In recent years, with the opening of strategic areas formerly controlled exclusively by the Mexican Government, as well as a progressive reform to a huge amount of laws and regulations, control and revision of the administrative activities, has acquired new and greater relevance.

Everyday, the administrative authorities face increasingly challenges, requiring a better interpretation and implementation of legal dispositions related to their jurisdiction.  However, the degree of discretion that officers have, sometimes leads them to issue groundless decisions that affect private entities.

Our team is comprehensive and has successfully represented our clients’ interests against administrative resolutions before the Administrative and Constitutional Courts.    

Intellectual Property

The IP team at Reyes, Feregrino & Asociados is fully prepared to assist in any matter related to the protection, maintenance and enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights. We can assist with designing protection and litigation strategies, as well as risk assessments for matters involving these assets. 

Our experience and strategic alliances with agents all over the world allow us to seek, obtain, maintain and manage protection in any country and to handle in Mexico all kinds of Intellectual Property matters.

We have been privileged to advise owners and applicants from different countries in all continents in the pharmaceutical, construction, software, energy, fashion and many other industries and have handled very important cases in Mexico. Moreover, our full commitment with the entrepreneur community has led us to provide learning and workshop sessions regarding the value and protection of Intellectual Property Rights, with enormous success.

At Reyes, Feregrino & Asociados, we strongly believe that a high-quality service is not bound in any manner to excessive charges, reason why our fees are among the most competitive in Mexico. Even more, we have adapted our fees for entrepreneurs and startups, so they can access to the protection they need, without risking their money.