Corporate and Business Law


We have a wide experience in providing legal advice to Mexican and foreign companies in both, long-time business projects and in their daily activities and negotiations, assisting them since the preparation of legal strategies to achieve particular goals until the end of their practical implementation.

For doing that, we analyze the applicable legal framework, draw up all the relevant documentation, coordinate with all the agents involved in the relevant matter, to allow our clients to duly comply with Law and their obligations with third parties. We also take care of legal tasks such as:

  • Incorporation of new companies including preparation and review with the future shareholders of the corresponding By-laws and shareholder’s agreements.
  • Preparation and periodical revision of corporate books.
  • Drafting, call and celebration of annual Shareholders meetings.
  • Evaluation and implementation of Bylaws reforms and amendments.
  • Issuance of Share Certificates and Provisional Share Certificates.
  • All kind of recordings before the National Foreign Investment Registry.
  • All kind of negotiations with public and private entities.